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Job Reference: TM000134
Provide high level engineering advice to support the planning and delivery of a significant portfolio of transport infrastructure projects across SA.
Job Reference: TM000136
Ensure an integrated, coordinated & consistent approach is taken to ensure balanced outcomes that deliver road safety benefits & enhance productivity.
Job Reference: TM000135
Oversee research, provide expert advice, develop strategies and policies; and guide their implementation to enhance safety and reduce road trauma.
Job Reference: TM000133
Provide critical business analysis, reports, recommendations and support to integrate coherent strategies across all divisions and business units.
Job Reference: TM000132
Determine, develop and oversee the implementation of a vision, frameworks, policies, strategies, standards and service delivery models.
Job Reference: TM000131
Work closely with the Board in developing future strategic direction and the implementation of strategy across whole of business for a leading NFP.
Job Reference: TM000130
Seeking an experienced Chairperson to preside at Board and various Committee meetings, undertake governance, media and PR duties.
Job Reference: TM000129
Direct Digital Health SA’s strategic plan and enterprise architecture and provide leadership to the Digital Health SA Board.
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